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Button guidelines

The Pay with Yoohomz image library is designed to match the latest styles used by Yoohomz.com. As Yoohomz.com's style evolves, so too will Yoohomz Payments'. For this reason, along with technical and security considerations, please render images according to our integration guides.

Adding Pay with Yoohomz buttons on your site

The Pay with Yoohomz button should be placed where the checkout button is offered on your site or app. This may include the shopping cart, a login page offered near guest checkout, as well as the shipping/billing page(s) as a last chance option. We also recommend that you display a small acceptance or payment mark on your home page, footer, and wherever you display other payment marks to build trust and encourage your customers to checkout. Review the UX best practices guide to help with your button placement. Learn how to implement the Pay with Yoohomz buttons to your site.